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If you are building a new home, the most cost-effective option in many cases is natural gas. The upfront costs of gas hot water appliances are comparable to electric-powered appliances and are more affordable than solar or heat pump water heating. When you add more than one appliance to gas the running costs can be favourable because the variable, or unit rate, of natural gas is around one-third that of electricity. And if you’re using a lot of gas, it’ll work out cheaper to run than LPG.

The future of gas in New Zealand remains positive. Your gas appliances will run out before the supply of gas does! We're keeping an eye on emerging energy technology and think that there will be a place for gas well into the future.

Gas energy is just getting started

Review some real figures and see how good natural gas hot water could be in your new home. Continue on and tell us a little more...

Disclaimer: The information displayed in this tool is based on a number of assumptions. The tool and the outcomes of it should be treated as a guide only.